1.  SMUDGE WITH SAGE Smudge your crystals with sage by placing them in a bowl, waft the smoke over your crystals and visualize all the energies being released and cleared.
  2. SINGING BOWL place crystals in a singing bowl and being stroking the bowls mallet around the top slowly at first then moving in a faster circular motion. The vibrations will cleanse your crystals as the negativity whirls away pulling in prositve energy. Recommend to do weekly or monthly depending how often you wear your crystals or if you are using it for healing cleanse after each session.
  3. FULL MOON the most powerful and effective way to clear your stones and recharge them is during Purnama, full moon in Indonesia. Place your crystals out underneath the full moonlight just after sunset or on your window sill with the intentions of cleansing and purifying them so they work at their optimal capacity.

All pieces are designed by Courtney Weller and sustainably handcrafted with love in Indonesia. Each piece began from a ship that sailed the world and our talented artists salvage the parts using handmade organic tools, transforming the recycled material into magical treasures. All our crystals are charged during Purnama (“full moon” in Indonesian) followed by a blessing from Courtney herself or her Priestess Iluh for optimal clarity, strength and intention. Indah Lux holds a unique and powerful energy in each of our luxurious designs bringing light and confidence to all wearers.