Lady Of The Sky 2-in-1 Bracelet & Choker

The Lady Of The Sktransforms from a powerful choker into a stunning bracelet in moments.  By enhancing the power of your throat chakra with these soft pastel mermaid tones this piece will empower you to always speak your truth in a loving way.  Using hand selected druzy and agate for this design to purify your body and balance your bodies natural healing properties.

Product Details:

  • 20cm in length (crystals and chain)
  • 25cm leather tie
  • 100% sustainable design from recycled brass
  • Hand selected druzy and agate 

All Indah Lux jewelry is designed by Courtney Weller and sustainably handcrafted with love in Bali. Each piece began from a ship that said the world, we salvage the parts transforming the recycled junk into magical treasures. All are crystals charged during Purnama (full moon in Balinese) and blessed by Courtney herself or her priestess Illuh for optimal clarity, strength and intention.