Lakshmi Goddess Bangle

Turquoise and mother of pearl stones set in sustainable copper to resemble a flower.  Courtney designed this piece to help keep your mind balanced.  Turquoise is used to help enhance your communication while the mother of pearl, is a stone used to enhance to give you better expression and clearer thoughts.  When paired together these stones will work in unison to send out the wisdom of the heart to people around you.

Product Details:

  • 8cm in diameter
  • 100% sustainable design from recycled copper
  • Hand selected turquoise and agate

All Indah Lux jewelry is designed by Courtney Weller and sustainably handcrafted with love in Bali. Our crystals are treated to a smudging ceremony prior to being set then charged during Purnama (full moon in Balinese) for optical clarity, strength and intention.