L'amore Druzy Hair Couture

Our L'amore Druzy Hair Couture piece is crafted with love, or l'amore, in mind.

This piece is created with 18k gold plated recycled brass and embedded with gorgeous Druzy stones. All zodiac signs can benefit from wearing Druzy, as it purifies and enhances the body's healing properties.


  • 8 cm long comb
  • Flexible and bendable comb that moulds to your head shape and stays put all day
  • Enhanced with18k gold using electroplating
  • 100% sustainable design using recycled brass
  • Crystals: 5 Druzy stones, 1 cm diameter each

All Indah Lux jewelry is designed by Courtney Weller and sustainably handcrafted with love in Bali. Our crystals are treated to a smudging ceremony prior to being set then charged during Purnama (full moon in Balinese) for optimal clarity, strength and intention.