Rhea Earth Wood Necklace

The Rhea Earth Wood Necklace was designed to bring you to a place where you are open to become spiritually transformed. This stone works on the upper chakras, especially the third eye chakra, enlightening you to learn to listen to your own intuition.  Rhea,  the Titaness daughter of the earth goddess allows of spiritual flood gates to a realm flowing with endless possibilities.

Product Details:

  • 45 cm with adjustable loops
  • 100% sustainable design from recycled brass
  • Hand selected agate
All Indah Lux jewelry is designed by Courtney Weller and sustainably handcrafted with love in Bali. Each piece began from a ship that said the world, we salvage the parts transforming the recycled junk into magical treasures. All are crystals charged during Purnama (full moon in Balinese) and blessed by Courtney herself or her priestess Illuh for optimal clarity, strength and intention.